Corporate SMS solutions


Using Mobe.Net

To send a message just put the mobile number that you want to send to in front of For example, if the number is 07768 123456, the mobile e-mail address will be

By default, you are set up to receive email confirmations for each message sent. If you would like this facility switched off, please let us know. In that case you will only receive an email if there is a problem with the number.

The following points may be useful.

You can send a message to any UK mobile phone, even if it is not in the UK. Just add the mobile number with the leading zero and no spaces to

You can also send to the majority of non-UK mobiles. Generally, if you can send an SMS message from your UK mobile phone then you will be able to send messages via Mobe.Net. It is worth checking with a test message first from your UK mobile first. To send via Mobe.Net, just form the number as you would dial it from a UK land-line. For instance, a French mobile would be 0033*********

If you receive a message telling you that there is a problem, please check that you have entered the number correctly with the leading zero but no spaces or non-numerical characters.

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