Corporate SMS solutions


Mobe.Net is a very cost-effective marketing tool. Imagine the effect of your customers and prospects receiving a marketing message from you on their mobile phone. Your message goes straight to their pocket!

It is much more effective, and cheaper, than mailing in the conventional way. Instead of being one of many mailshots received that day, your message would go straight to the right person without delay or distraction. Confirm appointments, pass details of houses or jobs available, the possibilities are endless.

Compare the use of SMS to that of direct marketing.

Traditional direct mailing Mobe.Net marketing

Arrives at any time at least a few days after it is sent

Comes through the post with countless other mailings

Probably will be thrown away without being opened

Unlikely to be read and contents forgotten very quickly

Takes time to prepare and send with a delay while inserts are printed

Envelopes need to be stuffed

Creates extra paper

Design time and cost

Heavy printing costs especially if in full colour

Costs at least 50p per mailing (without printing costs)

1 - 5% response

Arrives at a precise moment so it can enhance other marketing messages

Will probably be the only marketing message someone receives this way

Must be read before it can be deleted and can be read at someone's convenience

If the message contains a phone number this can be dialed by double clicking the Send button

Takes little time to prepare and be sent virtually instantly

No envelopes to stuff

Environmentally friendly (no paper)

No design time or cost needed

No printing costs - customers can be directed to a website for more information

Costs 10p per mailing (discounts available for for bulk mailings)

20 - 40% response likely

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