Corporate SMS solutions


Benefits and some applications

Staff - keeping in contact with all their field staff
Marketing - permission-based SMS campaigns - THE most effective marketing medium available
Market Information - City institutions keep their clients informed of the latest developments
Nightclubs - timed promotions fill clubs on potentially quiet nights
Recruitment companies - targeted vacancies filled immediately
Estate agents - passing details of suitable properties as soon as they are available
TV companies - programme support and audience notification
Motor traders - Informing customers that a car is ready for collection and other reminders
Server alerts - knowing as soon as a server or system has problems, wherever you are
Confirm appointments - the most effective way to ensure that people turn up, and on time
Follow up - sending a "thank you for using our service" message
Information providers - running an information providing business anywhere, even from home
Targeting youth - the perfect medium to promote products to the youth market, beer, music etc
And many many more applications

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