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Corporate SMS solutions

Mobe.Net is a service that enables corporates to send SMS messages by email. By using the convenience of email it is very easy to integrate this functionality into existing systems without any additional software or training being necessary. Companies are able to communicate to employees, clients or prospective clients from immediate effect and have the ability to contact large numbers of people with one click!.

Mobe.Net is used by a large number of corporate clients. International banks, brokers, traders, recruitment companies, new media, TV companies and many more all find Mobe.Net an invaluable communication tool.


TEXT-back is a complementary service to Mobe.Net that provides incoming SMS messages routed by email to any desired location. There can also be an interactive process to provide an intelligent response either from an autoresponder or a Web site, offering WAP-type solutions but with the ease of SMS

Ideal for radio & TV stations, client response, list building, voting, information on demand etc.

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